Experience the Paseo

When you find your inspiration, you’ve found your home. That’s the Breighton apartments in the Paseo District. The vintage brownstones that now comprise the Breighton have been attracting aspiring musicians, aviators, artists, and socialites since the 1930s. Known as the place Wiley Post once called home and Clark Cable once stopped for a night, the Breighton has been part of the history and the revitalization of the Paseo District.

Formerly a neighborhood of apartments built by the Nichols Hills developer, the center street is now closed and replaced by a lush grassy field and private pool and clubhouse where residents can relax in the sun, walk their dog, swim a few laps or simply socialize.

You don’t even need to know anyone when you come to The Breighton because everyone naturally makes introductions. Not only are you part of history, you’re part of a community. And, with a gate surrounding the apartments, the privacy of The Breighton places you on the front porch steps of The Paseo District but with space and protection all your own.

Rent an apartment at The Breighton and make your future part of history.

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